Professional Piano Servicing and Setup for you

Buying a piano from Vivace Music

Buying a piano is a fantastic investment for yourself and your family. However, good quality pianos are expensive and finding the right one can seem difficult. At Vivace we offer a variety of pianos including new and used, right from the basic student model up to the professional and sleek full size Grand Piano. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always her to help you find the piano that is just right for you.

How Vivace Music cares for your piano

A high quality piano that is maintained properly and stored well is an excellent investment. Not only is the quality of the piano manufacturer important, so is the pre-sale care of the piano. Our highly qualified, Fazioli, Yamaha and Kawai authorized technicians prepare each piano before and after sale to maintain the tone and touch of the instrument. These two important elements are explained below:

Tone – The inside of a piano should be maintained to ensure a consistent tone quality. A piano should have clear treble tones, warm mid-register and rich bass tones. By checking and adjusting carefully the tightness of the piano strings and solidity of the hammer mechanisms our technicians maintain the high quality tone.

Touch – The keys on a piano must respond sensitively and instantly to the player’s touch on the keys. By regulating the travel distance between hammer and string, our technicians ensure a consistent touch throughout the range of the keyboard. All piano players must have a piano with consistent touch to be successful.

After the piano has been prepared and regulated, it is then tuned. Tuning a piano regularly is important because it maintains the condition of the tuning pins, prolonging the life of the piano and ensuring that it depreciates in value at a slower rate than an un-tuned piano.

Vivace Music Premium Care Package

Pre-installation service – Our pianos are prepared by authorized professional Fazioli, Yamaha, Kawai piano technicians to ensure that the tone and touch of the piano are at a professional standard.

In house tuning service – All pianos should be tuned if they have been moved to a new environment. After the piano has been delivered to the customer’s house we offer a complimentary piano tuning to ensure the best possible performance.

Moving the Pianos – Vivace uses only the best and most reliable piano removalists to guarantee that all pianos we sell are transported correctly and with the greatest care.

Piano Accessories – Every piano sold by Vivace comes with a deluxe piano stool, and piano cleaning accessories at no extra cost.

Piano Limited Warranty – 10 to 12 years factory warranty on New Pianos, 5 years warranty on used pianos


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