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How Vivace Music can help your Music Program

Here at Vivace Music we are happy to help you with all the purchasing requirements needed for your school music program. With our Educational Specialist, Tina Inns and Amanda Mattiske, based at the Underwood store, we are happy to provide you with quotes for all types of instruments – from acoustic and digital pianos to guitars, violins and band instruments, as well as all your print music and instrument accessories. We will discuss your requirements and provide you with a formal quotation for quality gear that will do the job you need. 

  • School Visit – WE GO TO YOU! School Visiting can be arranged at any time to discuss your school needs. We can also bring out instruments for you to try out.
  • Delivery Time Frame – With school orders, Vivace will do everything possible to ensure your goods arrive in an acceptable time frame. This also includes informing you of any delays in delivery from suppliers.
  • Parents Information Recruitment – Vivace Music provides information to your parents on purchasing instruments or beginner accessories. This may be in the form of providing handouts for your parents on student instrument pricing at recruitment time, or preparing custom accessories forms to your requirements, so that you can be sure your new students will turn up with the right gear. Vivace can also attend music recruitment or information nights at your school on request.

If you would like to contact us about organising a school visit or quote, or you are a parent or student who would like advice on any kind of purchase please send an email to education@vivacemusic.com.au

Amanda has extensive experience in looking after teachers and schools and is always willing to do that extra bit of research to make sure that you get a great deal on the right stuff.  Amanda have been working in the music industry for over fifteen years. During this time she have helped many teachers and schools to purchase the equipment they need at the right price.  Amanda always happy to do the extra research for you, to make sure the equipment you purchase will do the job you need. She’s also happy to come out and visit you at school to discuss your requirements, or show you all the latest products.  Please contact Amanda if you would like a quote on any type of musical product that will help in the delivery of your school program. 

Please contact her via email amanda@vivacemusic.com.au or phone (07) 3090 4268

Tina joins the Education team at Vivace Music with over 25 years of servicing the school music community.  She is passionate about getting all children playing an instrument as well as providing exceptional customer service. She will provide schools with cost effective yet quality solutions to meet their needs.  She understands how busy music teachers are, so her aim has always been to make their life as easy as possible.  Prompt communication is paramount as well as delivering on time. She looks forward to the Annual School Band Festival, Jazzin’ Up the Mall, held in Brisbane City, as it’s a great opportunity for schools to showcase their talents.  The event, held in July, will see over 2,500 children from all over Queensland converge on the Queen Street Mall and play to wide audience.

For any school quotations or Festival enquiries please contact her via email – tina@vivacemusic.com.au or mobile – 0404 865 949

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