String Instrument Repairs & Servicing

At Vivace Music, we repair and service string instruments and bows

String instrument setup, repair and sound adjustment services are available at Vivace Music. Our professional in-house string technicians work with violin, viola, cellos, and double basses. Vivace strives to be your one-stop string specialist – from the sale of new instruments, bows and strings to adjustments and repairs.

String Instrument Setup

Every String instrument sold at Vivace Music comes with a professional setup. A setup of a Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass is vital to the playability of your new instrument. Vivace Music String instrument setup includes:

  • Shaping the curve and height of the bridge. This is vital as an instrument that has an incorrectly or unfitted bridge will often be difficult and sometimes almost impossible to play
  • Tuning pegs fitting for ease and stability of tuning
  • Soundpost adjustment for optimal tone quality
  • Proper Tailpiece and chin rest fitting
  • Inspection of all structural features of the instrument

String Instrument Repairs We also do bow repairs, fingerboard modification, nut and crack repairs, and other restorations, but as every instrument is different the cost of these types of repairs will vary according to the instrument.

Below is a general cost guide for some of the services offered:

  • Existing Bridge Reshaping and Fitting – from $38
  • New Bridge Carving and Fitting (new bridge incl.) – from $85
  • Soundpost Adjustment and Fitting – from $35 
  • New Peg Shaping and Fitting – from $35 depending on the number of pegs

Please plan on leaving your instrument with us while repairs are undertaken. The time your instrument needs to stay with us will vary depending on the work required. You may discuss this with our staff when you book in your instrument for repairs. Vivace Music are happy to provide a quote for you on the cost of any services or repairs before work is started.

Small repairs like string or tailpiece replacement can be done by the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Vivace Music with only a 10-15 minutes waiting time.

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