Piano Disc

Love to have a real piano playing in your home? You don't play!

Vivace Music, has the answer! The Piano Disc . Can be fitted to most pianos new or old, allowing you to play your favourite songs with your acoustic piano playing them. Piano Disc combines traditional hand–made craftsmanship and modern technology, opening up a whole new world of musical entertainment at home.

Easy access to 1000’s of song stored on your iPad or iPhone. You can control balance between piano and band, volume, change artists all this and more from your iPad/iPhone. Phone Vivace Pianos & Strings to discuss how this product works and how it can be fitted to your piano or discuss a new piano with the IQ system fitted.

As an Authorized PianoDisc Dealer and Certified PianoDisc Installer, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the most suitable PianoDisc player piano system. Vivace Music can supply you with an Upright or Grand Piano of your choice with PianoDisc system already fitted, or we can install the system on your exsisting Piano.

iQ – The Intelligent Player Piano System

The iQ player system is controlled by a music player of your choice. You decide how to operate the iQ – either by iPod, netbook, PC, Apple computer or via yourown MP3 player. iQ draws upon the patented SilentDrive technology of PianoDisc. Your piano will play with full dynamic range, even at whisper-soft levels. With iQ, the complete and comprehensive music library from PianoDisc is at your disposal.

Enjoy the loveliest pieces – immediately after downloading them quickly and easily from the internet. Or play the piece directly from a CD or our specialPianoVideo DVDs. The iQ player system is invisible. No-one can see what is hidden inside your piano. All the technical components are hidden inside the instrument. The best thing: you decide how you want to operate the piano: either with an iPod, an MP3 player of your choice or via a computer or a netbook with iTunes® by the Apple® company.