Amati #8 “Euro Artist” Cello 4/4


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Master Handmade Cello

Once you play the “Euro Artist”, you will not want to put it down. The “Euro Artist” is made of Aged Italian spruce top and Bosnian maple back, seasoned in 12 years naturally. This cello is of strikingly handsome appearance with fine maple of extravagant figure, and it is covetred by beautiful shaded varnish.



  • Size: 4/4
  • Replica: Copy of Giuseppe Antonio Rocca 1854
  • Vanish : Italian Oil,  Antique
  • Top: Italian Solid Spruce
  • Mack: Bosnian Maple Back
  • Fingerboard: African Madagascar Ebony Fingerboard
  • Bridge: French Aubert
  • Endpin: Carbon fibre end pin
  • String: Larsen+Spirocore Strings valued at $529
  • Outfit: N/A