Yamaha TP-7029 Timpani

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TP-7000 series has high-quality mechanism which support technics of timpani players, who praise these models are ideal of timpani.

Designed for ultimate portability, performance and sound quality.

For various performance situations, free locking for both the legs and the pedal heel allow free practical height/angle combinations. Combined with the positive pedal feel and the overall lightweight design, this series is a must for the professional timpanist needing a travel set of timpani.



  • Dimensions
    • Width: 804mm
    • Height: 815mm
    • Depth: 904mm
    • Diameter: 29″ (74cm)
  • Weight
    • Weight: 45kg

Design/Architecture Detail

  • Head
    • Head: Remo Renaissance
  • Kettle
    • Material: Copper
  • Tuning Mechanism
    • Pedal Balance Spring System


  • Tone Generation
    • Range: F-db


  • Included Accessories
    • Mallet: 270
    • Others: Mallets, Tuning key, Head Protector