Yamaha TP-5026H Timpani

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From delicate pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo, Yamaha Symphonic series timpani offer precise musicial control. Heavy, high-grade copper bowls are spun with precision to ensure uniform wall thickness for pure resonance and a beautiful tone. To further enhance dynamic range and tonal priojection, the bowls are freely suspended in a thin, rigid support ring. This design allows pure, undistorted sound – even at dynamic extremities – with an efficient transfer of acoustical energy.



  • Dimensions
    • Width: 736mm
    • Height: 815mm
    • Depth: 845mm
    • Diameter: 26″ (66cm)
  • Weight
    • Weight: 39kg

Design/Architecture Detail

  • Head
    • Head: Remo Renaissance
  • Kettle
    • Material: Hammered Copper
  • Tuning Mechanism
    • Pedal Balance Spring System


  • Tone Generation
    • Range: A-f


  • Included Accessories
    • Mallet: 250
    • Others: Head Protector, Tuning key