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Line 6 Spider V 240 Watt Guitar Amp Combo

$999.99 $759.00


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The Spider V 240 amp is powerful enough to perform on any stage, and its full-range stereo speaker system delivers superb live sound. Built-in wireless capabilities, XLR direct outputs, and other gig-friendly features enhance this already outstanding amplifier.


240 watts
Bi-amped full-range speaker system with dual 12” loudspeakers + dual tweeters
Over 200 amps, cabs, and effects—more than any other amp in its class
128 presets featuring a variety of classic and modern tones
Tuner, metronome, and jam-along drum loops
60-second looper for layering guitar tracks to play along with
Built-in wireless receiver works with Line 6 Relay transmitters
Optimized for use with FBV 3 Advanced Foot Controller
USB interface and free Spider V Remote app
XLR direct outputs for connecting to P.A. or mixer