Shigeru Kawai SK6 214cm Handcrafted Grand Piano



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Every element of the Shigeru Kawai is made from the finest materials available to create its musical power and distinctive voice.

A magical combination of wood, metals and 21st Century technology are brought together by the master artisans at Kawai to make 
Shigeru Kawai the world’s most advanced concert grand pianos.



Millennium III action
Japanese Ezo spruce soundboard
Exclusive Shiko Seion hammers
Temaki bass strings
Hand notched, reduced mass bridges
Premium aged Matoa inner rim
12 month seasoned plates
Concert style, dual pivot damper systemExtended keysticks



Shigeru Kawai SK6
Depth 214cm
Width 154cm
Height 102cm
Weight 382kg
Number of keys 88 keys
Key surfaces NeoTex
Action Millennium III
Beams 4
Soundboard Area (m2) 1.60
Fallboard Softfall system
Casters Double, Brass casters
Other Centre Lid Prop – WOOD