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The Maton Blackwood Series Guitars

The Maton Blackwood Series Guitars are an exciting new range of acoustic guitars demonstrating the excellence in quality of Australian wood instrument making craftsmanship. Blackwood is a medium-sized Australian hardwood that grows in South Australia, Tasmania and the eastern states. It is a tone wood that blends the power or rosewood with the warmth of mahogany. These guitars have clear and bright trebles, strong midrange and full bass tonal characters. The use of Blackwood has definitely created an unique and stunning new tone sound to all Guitarists! As Maton states…. ‘Blackwood has a warm, full tone with a particularly pleasing mid frequency response and has become one of our most sought after timbers. It may be of interest to learn, that whenever a Maton employee gets to make their own guitar, they almost always choose Blackwood.’ Visit Vivace Music Underwood to check out these beautiful blackwood guitars today!